Friday, December 10, 2010

We're not through Weeding...

We're still looking for stories of Wicked Weeds of all varieties. The deadline is Dec. 31, but if you have a great story not quite finished, just let us know. We can be as flexible as those evil balls of thorny dehydrated vegetation.

For those wondering about payment, we are with a real publisher, Cyberwizard Productions, a small press. There is no payment for the story, but you can buy as many discounted copies as you like to resell. You do get all the bragging rights you want.

And if things work out, you may get some awesome bookmarks and possibly righteous weed seeds, meaning some useful and different garden seeds to try. It depends on how many stories my co-editor and I get to read. We're excited about this subject and thrilled to put this anthology together.

How many anthologies about evil tumbleweeds exist out there?


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