Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DANGER Will Robinson

Okay folks, we are down to the wire. The stories have been edited and contracts and requests sent out, but we still have some things that are not turned back in, and there are authors in danger of losing their spot in this anthology. We have a March 10 deadline for getting everything in to Jaleta, and I want everyone to make it!

Seriously, after falling in love with all these stories, if we have to cut one I will cry. It wont be pretty.

So, look for a letter today in your email. If you have things not turned in and you do NOT get this letter, we may not have your current or correct email address. Be  proactive and get in touch with us ASAP.

Everyone else, get those contracts, bios and pics and dear heavens EDITS back into us as immediately as you can. Weeds is waiting for you.....but not for much longer.

Thanks in advance for hopping to it,