Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Deadline Extended!

Due to a lack of evil weeds, must be the weather, we're extending the deadline. The anthology will be open until filled. We'll post a real date when we get close to closing.

So if you've decided not to write that story because the deadline was too close, think again. Think of how much fun you could have writing about weeds devouring an entire town, or weeds from space conquering our planet or some other planet, or zombie weeds that will not die. Wait, those are growing in my front yard...

We're eagerly waiting for your submissions! Email your stories about weeds to

Full guidelines are here:

Friday, December 10, 2010

We're not through Weeding...

We're still looking for stories of Wicked Weeds of all varieties. The deadline is Dec. 31, but if you have a great story not quite finished, just let us know. We can be as flexible as those evil balls of thorny dehydrated vegetation.

For those wondering about payment, we are with a real publisher, Cyberwizard Productions, a small press. There is no payment for the story, but you can buy as many discounted copies as you like to resell. You do get all the bragging rights you want.

And if things work out, you may get some awesome bookmarks and possibly righteous weed seeds, meaning some useful and different garden seeds to try. It depends on how many stories my co-editor and I get to read. We're excited about this subject and thrilled to put this anthology together.

How many anthologies about evil tumbleweeds exist out there?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Status Update

We're rolling in some really vicious, evil weeds here at the editing offices. Good thing it's virtual and so are the tumbleweeds! I'm stocking up on weed killer all the same.

Keep sending them, please. We still have plenty more room for more weeds, just make sure they're bad.

We're in the process of contacting those who have submitted already, so if you haven't heard from us yet, it's coming.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Calling all authors! Anthology submissions open!

How would you like to join us for a trip to the dark side of desert fauna? We're talking seriously deranged tumbleweeds. We're looking for stories up to 5000 words long that deal with tumbleweeds - feral, vicious, deadly, twisted, radioactive - we don't care what, as long as those weeds are BAD, and we mean wicked BAD.

Write up that weird west tale you've always wanted to tell. Submit it to our anthology. We want everything from science fiction to fantasy to horror to everything in between.

Deadline for submission: Dec. 31, 2010
Send your stories, .doc format, to:
Please include your contact information and a short blurb about your story.


Submit your manuscript using standard format (word docs only, please!). We aren't too picky, as long as we can open the file and read your story, we're happy. We want stories that have been polished, spell-checked, and edited by at least the author. Proof-read before submitting, please!

We are not interested in profanity of any kind, extreme violence, or steamy sex scenes. Keep it PG-13 and you should be good. Please, no profanity. Made-up cuss words are fine.

Story length can be 1 word up to 5,000 words. Flash fiction and poetry will be considered as long as it fits the theme.

If accepted for publication, the author will receive one contributor's copy and the right to purchase as many copies as desired at the cost of printing. If you want to sell it, you can keep your profits from the sales. This is a print-only anthology.

There is a possibility of creating an ebook version, if we can work out how to be fair with the royalties. If your story is accepted, we will be in touch.

This anthology will be published through Cyberwizard Productions,