Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Deadline Extended!

Due to a lack of evil weeds, must be the weather, we're extending the deadline. The anthology will be open until filled. We'll post a real date when we get close to closing.

So if you've decided not to write that story because the deadline was too close, think again. Think of how much fun you could have writing about weeds devouring an entire town, or weeds from space conquering our planet or some other planet, or zombie weeds that will not die. Wait, those are growing in my front yard...

We're eagerly waiting for your submissions! Email your stories about weeds to

Full guidelines are here:


  1. We should have letters going out this week to everyone who has submitted thus far. Though we are getting closer to full, we still have room for a "few good stories."

    Thanks for your patience.


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